Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer

At Hoopis & Hoopis we understand that divorce brings a lot of emotions to the forefront. We don't discount the difficulty you may be facing. We help our clients find a balance between what their emotions tell them and what the court will require. Rhode Island divorce lawyer Jennifer Hoopis D'Ambra provides caring and effective legal guidance through the process.

Divorce affects the whole family, especially children. We often meet with our client and our client's larger family, the people who will be providing support through the process. If you would like to bring people with you to your meeting, please do so.

Contact Hoopis & Hoopis online or call 401-823-6266. We offer a free initial consultation so you can meet with Jennifer to determine if she is the best divorce lawyer for you.

Divorce Negotiation, Mediation or Litigation

We aim for a civil and amicable divorce. Most often we negotiate an agreement on the issues of importance to our clients or we assist our clients with divorce mediation . When the issues are complex and contested, we may need to seek a resolution in court. Learn more about the divorce process in Rhode Island .

Issues in Divorce and Custody Cases

Legal Separation : Few people understand how legal separation is viewed by Rhode Island family courts so we've provided an explanation for you.

Property Division and Alimony : Unless you had a prenuptial agreement that specified property division and alimony, you will need to decide these issues in your divorce agreement. We will help you through the process of documenting and valuing marital assets and debt and negotiating a fair property settlement agreement.

Child Custody and Support: Child custody and child support decisions made together. Rhode Island child support guidelines consider each parent's income as well as the child custody arrangements when arriving at a final award of support. Our Warwick child custody attorney helps married and unmarried parents negotiate parenting plans that are specific enough to avoid problems but customized enough to meet the unique needs of their children and families.

Post Divorce Issues

Modification of Court Orders : Child custody and child support orders may need to change as your child grows and your family situation changes. We help clients obtain a modification of existing court orders – or fight the proposed change.

Domestic violence: We handle domestic violence issues with care, helping clients with restraining orders and complaints for protection from abuse.

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